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What is Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are a spray-on based liquid glass that is transparent, non-toxic and can protect virtually any surface from hazards such as water, UV radiation, dirt, heat, and bacteria.  The coating is specifically made to be flexible and breathable which makes it most suitable for cars.

This liquid glass (literally) is almost pure silicon dioxide which is extracted from quartz sand.  Water or ethanol is then added depending on the brand and their dilution-ratio mix.  Since there are no additives, the nano-scale glass coating bonds to the car’s surface easily. 

The Different Types of Ceramic Coating

Hydrophobic Ceramic Coating

Neptune Hyper Coatings

  • Our non-stick ceramic hypercoating allows dirt, mud, clay and almost any adhering contaminant to practically slide off with regular garden hose pressure. 

  • It is purposely made to be non-reactive to bird droppings, splashed paint and eggs. 

  • This coating is 50% more scratch-resistant than other factory coatings as well as cutting your car washes in half.

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