2019 Neptune Mobile Car Wash and Detail, Inc., Richmond VA

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Mobile Detailing Services

Stop Waxing & Switch To Sealants For A Longer Lasting Finish

4-5 Week Sealant

Our 4-5 week sealant includes standard detailing plus a 5-week clear sealant applied by hand to give your paint a glass-like shine. A great option for those who get their cars detailed monthly.

Starts At $79

4-6 Month Sealant

The 4-6 week sealant not only provides you the same shine and standard detailing as the 4-5 week but we extend your sealant by applying a thicker adhesiveness.  If you like to get your vehicle detailed quarterly this is the option for you.

Starts At $129 

8-10 Month Sealant

To give your vehicle an even more lustrous, longer lasting shine we use a professional grade polisher.  At this level of sealant, we use a toothpaste like adhesive to ensure durability.

Starts At $179

15-18 Month Sealant

If you typically only get your car detailed once a year or every 15-16 months this is a great sealant option for you.  Our longest lasting sealant uses a 2-layer premium sealant which is applied by a professional grade machine polisher for the deepest, longest lasting shine. 

Starts At $249