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The best coating to use for your vehicle-for any reason-but the primary one is the longest protection for your clearcoat, wheels or headlights.

Highest price with the highest quality and longevity

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Wheel & Tire Dye Coating

Regular wheel cleaning by a detailer only requires soap and water.  With a wheel ceramic coating, we create a slick barrier of protection that most dirt and grime will be removed from when driving in the rain.  Using a strong jet of water from a hose will also knock off most of the built-up brake dust minimizing the amount of scrubbing. 

Using the forever black tire gel your tires will look conditioned for up to 6 months or longer.  Forever black tire gel is a black pigmented polymer which is eco-friendly that brings your tires to their original rich black luster. 

Headlight Restoration

Virtually every motor vehicle made today that has a headlight system has a clear protective plastic containment shell around the expensive headlamp and lens assembly.

Over time this shell turns yellow due to exposure to UV rays which decreases the headlamps' ability to shine through it. New headlamp assemblies run $200-$500 minimum per lamp.

Our restoration procedure will remove the yellowing on the shell and allow the headlamps to fully illuminate the road.

Rock Chip Paint Repair

The paint chip repair business has grown over the years because it prevents the spread of rust and greatly improves the look at a FRACTION of the time and cost of a new paint job.

The used car dealer would rather pay up to $300 to have all the paint chips repaired on a good used car than send it to an auto body shop to pay hundreds or even thousands more.  Individuals need this same service as well for the very reasons stated above, whether you are selling your vehicle or not.

Engine Cleaning

Keeping your vehicle's engine clean can help it run cooler, making it easier to service.  With our professional engine cleaning the engine compartment is shampooed with special degreasers and cleaners to break down grease, grime on the firewalls, fluid containers and valve covers.  The engine compartment is then dressed with a non-silicone, low sheen dressing.

*Neptune Mobile Car Wash and Detail Inc is not responsible for damage that could occur.

Plastic Trim Restoration

Requesting a plastic trim restoration with Neptune Mobile Detailing will make your plastic door handles, mirrors, bumper covers, wheel flairs and bed liners look new again.  Neptune Mobile’s trim restorer is available in black or gray and formulated to be used specifically as a car plastic restorer.

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