2019 Neptune Mobile Car Wash and Detail, Inc., Richmond VA

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Mobile Auto Detailing

Our standard mobile detailing procedures -

Richmond, Midlothian, Mechanicsville & Glen Allen

Exterior Mobile Detailing Process

Our exterior cleaning procedure includes all of Neptune's packages excluding Standard Wash.


First we clean the dirtiest parts of the vehicle such as the wheel and wheel wells.

Step 1: Wheel Cleaning

Next area we look at is door jambs.  These are the most missed parts of the vehicle.  We make sure to get every area.

Step 2: Door Jambs

We then debug the front grille area to rid the front of paint damaging bugs and debris.

Step 3: Bug Removal Service

Now we go to presoaking, double washing and rinsing your vehicle.

Step 4: Presoak

Clay Bar Procedure

The next Neptune mobile detailing procedure is the 'Clay Bar' procedure to remove embedded contaminants washing alone cannot.  With Neptune claying is more of a procedure than a specific tool.  Our methods to provide you a clear coat are clay, chemical, and steam. The following is a cut-away section of what clearcoat looks like before and after claying. 

The final step after the claying and rinsing off is the towel dry with an appropriate drying towel.

Interior Auto Detailing Procedure

Our interior detailing procedure includes all Neptune packages.  This procedure is the prep stage for Complete Interior, Carpet or Seat Shampooing , and for any interior conditioner or topcoat to be applied.   

The first place we start is the highest used areas of the interior typically the driver side.  There we'll clean under and in between the seats including drivers mats.

Step 1: Drivers Mats & Seats

Our air and steam floss machine will make sure we get every crack and crevice as well as any ground-in dirt areas.

Step 2: Air or Steam Floss

After all the cracks and crevices have been cleaned we then vacuum and wipe down the entire interior.

Step 3: Vaccum

The last step of our detailing process is cleaning the glass both interior and exterior. 

Step 4: Glass Cleaning

Waxing, Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating

After exterior and interior mobile detailing are completed, we then move on to our add on's including waxing, paint correction, sealing or ceramic coating.  These include our specialty services.

Complete Interior Treatment, Carpet or Seat Shampooing

Once interior prepping has been completed the vehicle is now ready for our additional packages including complete interior treatment, and carpet or seat shampooing.  The 'prepping' procedures are not meant to remove stains but to thoroughly de-dust and remove debris in preparation for any stain removing procedures.