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Paint Correction for Your Car

Paint correction is a skilled service and can be labor intensive being the most time-consuming part of the mobile detailing process. 

Professional Richmond Paint Detailing Services


This process is for cars primarily affected by solar radiation and lack of protection to the car's paint.  Depending on the damage Neptune Mobile will use an aggressive glaze or a regular compound to correct the issue. 


Spider Webbing

Spider Webbing is caused by microscopic silt dust which is created by washing over time and the micro-scratches that begin to pile on one another creating a spider webbing effect.  Similar to oxidation an aggressive glaze or regular compound will correct the issue.


Car Hologramming Service

Hologramming also known as buffer swirling, is typically caused by the improper use of a rotary buffer.  Removing the hologramming can be done by an aggressive glaze or regular compound. 


Bird Droppings & Their Affects On Your Car’s Paint

The reaction created by bird droppings can be one of the most damaging substances your car’s clear coat faces.  The solution to bird droppings can be a hyper-coating finish.

bird poop on car.jpg

Water Spotting

Commonly created by solar radiation similar to oxidation but is the result of an added chemical content to water.  The etching with the water spots varies on conditions of weather, water droplet content and paints condition at the time of damage. 



Can be created by a multitude of different sources and must be visually inspected in order to ensure an accurate price quote.


Schedule your paint correction service today. 

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