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Richmond Exterior Car Detailing and Car Washing

A brand-new vehicle or even a new-to-you vehicle is an exciting investment. But unfortunately, as soon as you hit the road, your vehicle comes in contact with dirt, debris, gravel, road salt, bugs, and many other damaging elements. These elements, if not removed right away, can damage your vehicle’s paint and overall appearance of the vehicle. With Neptune, you can keep your vehicle looking better for longer and enjoy a cleaner exterior appearance. As your local professional auto detailers, we go beyond just providing exceptional results; we provide them wherever it’s most convenient for you. When you choose Neptune for your exterior detailing needs, you don’t have to slow down your busy schedule to make time for a car cleaning. Our mobile team of specialists is available to travel to Richmond, Glen Allen, Midlothian, and the surrounding areas.

Our Exterior Mobile Detailing Process

At Neptune, we understand that your vehicle is one of your biggest investments, and we treat it with care and respect. Our exterior mobile detailing process is detail oriented and designed to provide flawless results every time. Here’s how it works. 

Presoak and wheel cleaning

We clean the dirtiest parts of the vehicle, such as the wheel and wheel wells first.


Doorjambs are often the most commonly missed part of a vehicle during a cleaning. At Neptune Mobile, we make sure to get every area of your car, including the door jambs.

Bug and tar removal

Bugs and tar can cause a great deal of damage to the paint around your front grille. We thoroughly clean the area and remove any trace of bug or tar remnants. 

Double wash

To ensure that we exceed your expectations, we presoak, double wash, and rinse your vehicle. 

Clay Bar

An essential part to any detail service, the clay bar removes final contaminants that washing alone cannot. 

Towel Dry

We take the time to hand dry your vehicle so there are no water spots left behind. 


Complete Car Exterior Care

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of removing contaminants and imperfections from the surface of a vehicle without damaging the paint. This skill takes extensive practice to master and requires a great deal of time to properly perform. Because of the intense labor involved, it is important to contact a professional instead of attempting a DIY fix. A DIY fix gone wrong can end up costing vehicle owners far more in the long run. Save yourself time and money by calling the professionals at Neptune Mobile Detailing first. We have the equipment and experience to perform your paint correction service properly the first time.

Ceramic Coating

Professionally applied ceramic coating is the best way to protect your vehicle against grime and keep your vehicle looking new for longer. Our ceramic coating is a specially applied liquid glass that is transparent, non-toxic, and defends your car from hazards such as water, UV rays, dirt, heat, and bacteria. Professional ceramic coating can last 2 to 5 years on an average vehicle. The coating that our specialists apply is flexible and breathable, making it suitable for a wide array of vehicles. Contact us now to learn more and schedule your mobile ceramic coating service.

Specialty Services

In addition to traditional correction and protective coatings, we also offer:

  • Wheel coating and tire dyeing

  • Headlight restoration

  • Rock chip paint repair

  • Engine cleaning

  • Plastic trim restoration

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