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Neptune Mobile Car Wash & Detailing Services

We come to you in Richmond, Midlothian, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville

Mobile Car Wash

Our mobile car wash is a great basic option that will leave your car very clean and is quick and effective.  Pricing starts at $50.  Our mobile car washing includes vacuuming floor pans and large areas are damp dusted.  Exceptions include: door jambs, claying, waxing, tire shine, interior cleaning and crevices. 

Mobile Detailing

Our exterior mobile detailing procedure includes all of Neptune’s packages excluding the standard wash. 

Neptune’s Exterior Mobile Detailing Procedure

  1. Wheel Cleaning – We clean the dirtiest parts of the vehicle such as the wheel and wheel wells

  2. Door Jambs – Door jambs are the most missed parts of the vehicle.  With Neptune Mobile we make sure to get every area of your car including the door jambs.

  3. Bug Removal Service – Debugging the front grille area to rid the front of paint damaging bugs and debris

  4. Presoak – Our presoaking service includes double washing and rinsing your vehicle

  5. Clay Bar – The clay bar procedure entails a clay bar to remove contaminants washing alone cannot. 

  6. Towel Dry

Paint Correction for Your Vehicle

Paint Correction is a high skill service that can be labor-intensive and costly.  Many times professional detailers or auto dealers will charge a high dollar amount for this service.  As experienced mobile detailing professionals, we not only come to you in Richmond, Glen Allen, Midlothian & surrounding areas, we make sure you get the best quote.

Neptune Mobile Paint Correction Services

  • Oxidation

  • Spider Webbing

  • Hologramming

  • Bird Droppings

  • Water Spotting

  • Scratches

Ceramic Coatings to Keep Your Car Looking Great Longer

Our Ceramic Coating is a specialty-applied liquid glass that is transparent, non-toxic and can protect your car from virtually any damage from hazards such as water, UV radiation, dirt, heat, and bacteria.  The coating is flexible and breathable which makes it suitable to use on an array of products.  You can learn more about ceramic coatings and our special offers. 

Specialty Car Detailing Services

Interior Auto Detailing in Richmond, Midlothian, Glen Allen

Our professional vacuuming procedure (unless otherwise indicated) goes with most Neptune Mobile Detailing Packages.  This procedure is the prep stage for services including complete interior, carpet or seat shampooing and for any interior conditioner or topcoats to be applied. 



Add On Interior Car Detailing Services

  • Complete Auto Interior Package – Procedure covers the entire cabin of the vehicle from the headline to the base of the carpet. We make sure to clean every surface of the inside of your car including the drivers mats & seats, air or steam floss your car, vacuum, and glass cleaning.

  • Carpet or Seat Shampooing – Carpet & seats are professionally vacuumed, making sure every spot is removed and applying a shampoo which is then scrubbed to remove dirt and grime.

  • Ozone Treatment – Ideal treatment for killing bacteria and the smell it produces. 

  • Mold & Mildew Treatment – Using an ozone generator, this interior car detailing treatment can reduce, control and eliminate mold growth in your car.

One of the dirtiest interiors you will find
The after clean version of the before interior

One of our more extreme cases posted above, the after still shows small and faint areas of residual stains and fortunately that is the exception to the rule considering the before video shown.

  • Starts at $79

  • Starts at $109

  • Starts at $159