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Richmond Car Paint Correction

Unfortunately, vehicles can’t stay perfect forever. Imperfections like chips, scratches, and scuffs happen to the best of us! If you are ready to correct the imperfections on the exterior of your vehicle, trust the experts at Neptune Mobile Detailing. Paint correction requires a great deal of skill, practice, time, and patience. Because it is the most specialized part of the detailing process, its best to leave it to the mobile detailing professionals here at Neptune. We are passionate about restoring vehicles to their best through our paint correction services, available to vehicle owners in Richmond, Mechanicsville, Glen Allen, Midlothian, Henrico, Short Pump, Bon Air, Manchester, Sandston, and the surrounding communities. 

Keeping your vehicle regularly maintained with professional paint correction has so many benefits. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Extends the life of your vehicle’s paint

  • Removes small scratches and protects from future ones

  • Creates a beautiful, lasting shine

  • Restores exterior and vinyl accents

  • Removes grit, grime, scuffs, and tar 

  • Gives your vehicle that brand-new look

  • Increases your car’s resale value

Richmond Paint Correction
Eliminate Scratches, Swirls, and Fading

before and after photo of a ceramic coating a red hood


This process is for cars in the Richmond area affected by solar radiation without proper protection for the car's paint. Depending on the damage, Neptune Mobile will use an aggressive glaze or a regular compound to correct the issue.

Spider Webbing

Spider webbing is caused by microscopic silt dust which is created by washing over time and the micro-scratches that begin to pile on one another, creating a spider webbing effect. Similar to oxidation, an aggressive glaze or regular compound will correct the issue.

before and after photo showing spider webbing / swirling on a blue car
before and after car polish  fixing service

Car Hologramming Service

Car paint holograms are an eyesore. From far away, they make your car look muted and dull, but it gets worse as you get closer. Under the light, you’ll see several thin, swirling scratches along your paint. This is typically caused by the improper use of a rotary buffer.  Removing the holograms can be done by an aggressive glaze or regular compound.

Animal Droppings 

The reaction created by bird droppings can be one of the most damaging substances to your car’s clear coat faces. If allowed to sit for too long, bird droppings can slowly eat their way into a clear coat. Not only that, but if the droppings are exposed to high temps or UV rays, they will create a semi-permanent etching. We suggest a hyper-coating finish as a solution to bird or other animal droppings. 

bird poop on car

Water Spotting

Commonly created by solar radiation, water spotting is the result of an added chemical content to water. The etching with the water spots varies on conditions of weather, water droplet content, and paint condition at the time of damage.


Even if you’re the most careful driver, your car will inevitably get a scratch. Whether it was caused by a tree branch or another driver, Neptune Mobile Detailing can erase the scratches for good. Because scratches can be caused by many different sources, our team must visually inspect your vehicle in order to ensure an accurate price quote.

DEEP SCRATCH in orange car paint

Reviews From Real Neptune Customers

Chip Knighton

"Brian was responsive, did a fantastic job cleaning some truly nasty upholstery, and was even great with my barking dog. Highly recommended!"

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