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arm reaching in from out of frame to wipe clean the grill of a black car covered in suds
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Neptune Mobile Auto Detailing Services

The Best Mobile Detailing Services in Richmond & Surrounding Areas

Richmond Interior Car Detailing and Cleaning

Between work commutes and weekend trips, we spend a lot of time in our vehicles. Great memories are made in our vehicles with our friends, family, and pets. But over time, the interior of your vehicle will begin to look less than perfect. Dirt, dust, debris, spills, and smoke can damage your vehicle and make it uncomfortable for you to drive. With the help of the interior detailing specialists at Neptune, you can enjoy being in your vehicle again. We pay attention to every detail to revitalize your car’s interior as well as improve the smell and safety. We are proud to bring superior interior detailing services to car owners in Richmond, Mechanicsville, Glen Allen, Midlothian, Henrico, Short Pump, Bon Air, Manchester, Sandston, and the surrounding communities. 

Interior Auto Detailing Makes Your Vehicle Like New!

At Neptune, we offer every service you need to feel at ease in your vehicle again. Here are a few of our most popular.

car seats being hand scrubbed clean of a stain

Carpet and seat shampooing

Our car carpet and seat shampoo service uses shampoo and an extractor to clean your car's carpets and seats. We professionally vacuum all carpets and seats to remove any remaining dirt, grime, and buildup.

before and after photos of car seats showing the effects of mold remediation on a heavily affected vehicle

Mold remediation

We use a specialized procedure to remove mold and the odor that it causes. Our skilled technicians also perform a second step of ozone gas treatment to kill off remaining spores and mycotoxins in areas that aren’t reachable. 

lit cigar on black backgorund

Smoke remediation

Without proper treatment, smoke odors in a vehicle can linger for years. Our process removes the smoke, the odor, and the tar it feeds off. We then perform the ozone gas treatment to eliminate remaining tar and carcinogens from areas that can’t be reached. 

before and after photo of a body fluid remediation service

Bodily fluid remediation

Whether it was caused by motion sickness or the flu bug, if someone was sick in your vehicle, you need a fast and effective way to get it out. Our specialists tackle bodily fluids by applying a bio-enzyme treatment that breaks up and lifts the substance out of the carpets. We then remove every trace of the fluid and cleaning solution with a heavy-duty extractor. 

before and after photo of a pet hair removal service

Pet hair removal

If you took your furry friend for a ride and are now finding hair throughout your vehicle, call the pros at Neptune Mobile Detailing. Pet hair can be tricky to remove, and it can leave behind unpleasant odors. Our process removes every strand of pet hair, eliminating the odors that come with it. To complete the service, we shampoo the fabric surfaces, ensuring a fresh, clean smell. 

Take A Look At Some of Our Work

One of our more extreme cases posted above, the after still shows small and faint areas of residual stains and fortunately that is the exception to the rule considering the before video shown.

Ready To Book A Richmond Car Detail?

Complete Auto Interior Package ( Starts at $149 ) 

Carpet or Seat Shampooing ( Starts at $99 )

Treat yourself to a like-new vehicle with our complete auto interior package. With this package, our detailing specialists clean the entire vehicle, from the headliner to the carpets. Every surface in your vehicle is given our attention. We scrub floor mats, thoroughly vacuum, shampoo seats, air or steam floss every crack and crevice, and clean all glass surfaces. You and your passengers will enjoy a clean and wonderful smelling vehicle after our specialists are finished.

The seats and carpet in your vehicle go through a lot. From spilled coffee to salt stains, the fabric surfaces in your car or truck need to be regularly maintained. At Neptune Mobile Detailing, we use high-powered vacuums and shampoo systems to remove every last stain and bit of debris. 

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